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Restoration Matters blends practical business advice and inspiration within the context of the restoration space. As an industry partner, business broker Gokul Padmanabhan shares his wisdom and expertise, helping business owners create healthy, profitable businesses that perform well now to sell well later.

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Restoration M&A is Important to Your Business Long Before Any Sale

Chances are, you’re a small business owner like me. You’re building this business that has (hopefully) seen some really great successes as well as a challenge or two. In business ownership, you’re in the trenches. You’re making the important decisions that impact the bottom line and the lives of others. You’re in the present most of the time and looking ahead means looking to the next quarter, next project, next expansion. There’s another side to business ownership, and it’s one I spend most of my time in. Healthy businesses are watching what’s happening in

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An Important Business Practice for 2024

Too often as business owners, problems tend to bubble up to grab our attention more than the positives of our day-to-day business operations. Looking ahead to what can be requires focusing on the things that make us better instead of getting stuck in what’s not working. Every restoration business has something special, a differentiator. Maybe it’s your innovative approach or exceptional customer service. Identify and cherish these unique traits. They set you apart in the market and are a foundation of your business’s identity and success. Our employees are one of our greatest assets.

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Making Change Happen

Too often we get frustrated at the pace of change. We want to improve project efficiency or the quoting process or employee training or customer satisfaction. We start. Then, not enough feels like it’s changing to get noticed. And the next emergency pops up, and your effort to bring change to your business fades into that fatal category of important but not urgent. We don’t have any secrets to success, but we can offer two simple suggestions. And a reminder. First – Keep. Chipping. Away. Most real change inside small businesses doesn’t happen in

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Planning for a Better 2024 Without the Pain

This is not your average planning pep talk. It’s 4th quarter, and the path to 2024 is paved with advice and opinions on setting up your master plan for next year.The truth is, a good solid plan is always ideal in your business, but sometimes big planning eludes us. Sometimes planning is a pain. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the doing, and the planning takes a back seat. Let’s face it, you may not be the best planner, and you know what? That’s ok. If you can answer these three questions for yourself, your business

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Sometimes Good Advice is Just Plain Good Advice

In our business, we work with restoration companies every day. We don’t just sell restoration companies. One of the ways we support the seller experience is to help sellers maximize the value of their business right before they sell, and many of the strategies we suggest are more than just selling tips—they’re simply good overall business suggestions that you should implement right away. We talk about financials and bookkeeping; we talk marketing plans. We almost always discuss the importance of having a diverse revenue mix. We advise countless clients on this important bit, because

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Referrals Right in Front of You

When the job is done and your client is happy and satisfied, it’s easy to send them on their way and look to the future. I see it all the time – good businesses that could be great if they remembered to nurture those important past client relationships. In a space where restoration work is often one and done, it’s easy to neglect what could prove one of your most important assets—past clients. Consider the client journey: property damage occurs, you answer the call to help, you solve the problem, rinse wash repeat. During

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The Power of a Bad Idea

We sell restoration businesses. That’s all we do. As a result, we end up “looking under the hood” of literally hundreds of businesses each year (for the past 15 years!). We see lots of good ideas. Here’s one: Sometimes the shortest path to a good idea is through a few bad ones. You think about your business all the time. But blocking out the world to actually work on a problem can be, well, you know, almost impossible. Try this. . . Have lunch. By yourself or with a trusted advisor. Either way, all

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Power in Partnership: Participating in Conferences & Trade Shows

As a small business owner, I have witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration in driving positive change. In a specialized space such as restoration, the importance of these partnerships is even greater. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the 2023 Alacrity Conference and speak to restoration business owners about how high performing businesses are staying on top in the industry. As I spoke in breakout sessions, chatted at our booth, and broke bread with friends and colleagues alike, I was struck by the collective impact we make that goes beyond any one individual

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Digging a Moat to Build Your Castle

I’m a small business owner. You’re a small business owner. Like me, you know that building your business comes with its fair share of challenges in the midst of the successes. Your business ownership journey is personal, and every decision you’ve made and will make is important. Each one impacts your bottom line and affects the lives of others. You are constantly balancing risk and reward. But what makes the risk worth it? What decisions build a company that can grow and become something other than one of the 80% of companies that are

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Smart Marketing in Today’s Restoration Space

I’m always pumped when I learn something new, and for the past three years, I’ve been learning so much about what marketing is and what it isn’t for my business. When I ask other business owners how they bring in revenue, the most common answer has very little to do with how they actually gain leads or revenue.  I could write five of these short columns on what marketing is and what it means in your business and not even scratch the surface.  Marketing is not a sporadic thing we do when the leads

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